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  • Organized way to live sober
  • Clean, safe and environmentally abundant living
  • Food supplies availability
  • Close to Orange County Airport w/ free pick up
  • Proximity to recovery meetings and treatment professionals
  • Camaraderie and Fellowship among sober men
  • Drug and Alcohol testing
  • Computer access and wireless internet
  • Digital Cable
  • Ocean views on all 5 decks of residence
  • Telephone and free long-distance
  • Near public transportation, shopping, and business areas
  • Walking distance to local beaches and boat harbor

Pacific View Sober Living At A Glance

More Privacy and Personal Space

Pacific View Sober Living luxury sober residence keeps a low patient-to-staff ratio in order to ensure customized care. Standard rooms will generally only be shared with one other individual.

Private Luxury Bathrooms

Our restrooms at Pacific View Sober Living includes granite and / or marble, with roomy showers and tubs for ultimate privacy and relaxation.

State-of-the-Art Kitchens

Our kitchen offers modern major appliances and full silverware and cooking utensils, for those who wish to cook.

Electronic Equipment

We include audio and visual equipment. DVD players, large television screens, and cable digital tv service. In addition, telephone service and a high-speed, wireless internet connection which have become a hallmark of modern living.

Luxury Laundry Facilities

We feature excellent home appliance technology. Common supplies such as detergent and fabric softener sheets are often available.

Gourmet Food

With the plethora of many organic farms, huge supermarket chains and fresh food deliveries from all over the world in this region, healthy meals can be enjoyed that match those of world-class venues

Hiking Trails and Beachfront Playground

Our residence is positioned near the Dana Point Harbor, walking distance to walking trails, bike trails outside the doors and a sports fields to participate in activities, with the beach being the largest outdoor space to play in along with moderate year round temperatures.

Alternative Treatments

With the concentration of alcohol, drug and other mental health treatment professionals available, residents can take part in alternative treatments, which have been employed for countless years with extraordinary results. One alternative treatment approach experience can have a higher cure rate in seeking permanent long term sobriety.

Length of Stay

There is no maximum length of stay, however, the residence and program are designed to be transitional and to afford the resident sufficient time and resources with which to establish independent, healthy living arrangements. We ask for a three month minimum commitment from a resident to move into the residence.


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Admission Criteria

  • Clean and sober at time of occupancy.
  • Medically and psychiatrically stable.
  • At least 21 years old.
  • Able to take care of themselves fully on a daily basis.
  • Willing to follow a Twelve Step program.
  • Employed within two weeks of taking residence.
  • $1500 residence fee. Optional single room availabilities are extra.

Here are a few tips for planning your sober living stay, from making arrangements to settling into your new, sober environment.

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Meet With Your After Care Specialist

In most inpatient drug and alcohol rehab facilities, after care specialists will be available for you as your treatment draws to a close. After care specialists can help you assess whether you need to extend your stay in inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, or help place you in transitional recovery housing for sober living. Most sober living facilities require contact two weeks before you plan on making your transition from inpatient drug and alcohol rehab to their facilities.

Complete Your Sober Living Application

Most sober living facilities will require two days to a week to review your sober living application. Make sure that you have contacted the sober living facility ahead of time to check availability and learn more about the facility. Ensure all forms are filled out thoroughly, and any deposits or initial payments made on time.

Learn the Rules for Your Sober Living Environment

Many sober living environments have fairly strict—or even “zero tolerance”—policies on their rules, in order to maintain order in professionally supervised or peer group housing. Make sure that you review the rules before moving into your sober living environment, gaining any clarification you need from your inpatient after care specialist or by speaking with a supervisor or intake specialist at the sober living facility of your choice.

Deal With the Medical Details

While not every insurance policy will cover the expense of sober living homes, you will want to call to inquire about coverage, or get recommendations for local doctors near your new recovery home. Bring your medical insurance card and prescription plan card to your stay, along with any approved prescriptions you might need to bring.

Pack for Your Sober Living Stay

An essential part of planning for your sober living stay is packing the items you will bring. Because most sober living facilities prefer that you transition directly from inpatient drug or alcohol rehab, you will likely be bringing mainly the same items you brought to inpatient care—and your needs will often be similar, at any rate. However, do review any lists of prohibited items, as certain sober living facilities will require you leave certain items behind at inpatient care or send them home with a loved one. Commonly banned items include any toiletries with alcohol content (such as mouthwash), over the counter medications (such as Tylenol or aspirin), stereos, or personal devices (though some luxury sober recovery centers offer more freedom in these areas).

Complete Approved and Non-Approved List

what to bring
Upon a resident’s arrival at Pacific View Sober Living, all property will be searched and inventoried. This is done in order to keep the resident and the community safe. Items that are inappropriate will be disposed of or sent home. Residents may keep all other personal belongings within space limits.


• Cloth laundry bag
• Set of towels
• Toiletries (alcohol-free)
• All prescription medications
• Laptop, cell phone*
• iPod or other personal music listening device
• Gym/book bag
• Driver’s license (or passport if non-resident of United States)
• Insurance card
• Weather-appropriate clothing and recreation wear, i.e. rain wear and a good pair of sneakers
• Fitness wear (t-shirts, shorts or track pants) for yoga, martial arts, wellness training, etc.
• Swimming trunks
• Appropriate reading material (bring the Big Book, 12 Steps & 12 Traditions, and Twenty Four Hours a Day if you already have them)
• Musical instruments for use in our recording studio and during leisure time
• Cash for resident account


• Clothing suggestive of alcohol or drug use or promoting sexism, racism, or homophobia
• Drug paraphernalia
• Cameras or video equipment
• Heating pad or electric blankets
• Weapons, including pocket knives
• Valuable jewelry or expensive clothing
• Pornography


Recreation in Dana Point, California

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In Dana Point, California what awaits you are the great outdoors, which are inspiringly beautiful. Dana Point surrounds it’s residents with a seven-mile playground of coastal bluffs, sparkling shorelines and the stunning blue Pacific. Famous for its stand-up paddling (SUP) and surfing, Dana Point’s seaside setting of nearly two dozen parks and miles of beach-side trails is a mix of land and sea unlike any Southern California destination. One of the most memorable scenic views is The Headlands – a 50-acre beautifully protected site with spectacular views overlooking Dana Point Harbor and the Orange County coast. Enjoy a peek at the most popular recreation, and find Dana Point’s best outdoor activities, surfing, golf, basketball, tennis, softball, fishing, boating, kayaking, hiking, volleyball and more.

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